In the cold months you’ll want to curl up on a sofa in the sitting room by the roaring fire with a hot mug of tea and a slice of home made cake. Then wrap up in your scarf and venture out to enjoy golden Autumnal walks in Petworth Park or across Blackdown Hill.

As the weather warms into Spring and then Summer you’ll be captivated by the flower garden, overflowing with beauty. The farm, surrounding the B&B, bursts into activity as lambs and calves are born and the nearby countryside dances alive with bluebells and blossom. If you visit in August you can pick your own plums and apples from the orchard.

The animals cared for on the farm include cattle, sheep, chickens, horses, ponies, cats, dogs and gold fish. The farm architecture is made up of reclaimed agricultural buildings; including a locally sourced 16th century oak framed Sussex Barn.